When Should you Service Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Air conditioner services should be scheduled twice a year. If you live alone, spend most of the time outside and use your AC for fewer hours, you can get it serviced once a year. 

Residents in hotter climates should schedule AC service in Rancho Cucamonga, CAat least once a year to prevent the number of negative after-effects and to enhance the AC cooling capacity.

Schedule Professional AC Service Annually

  • It Saves Electricity

With continuous use, all components of AC degrade. Due to the downfall in their condition, these components start consuming more energy. Hence, this leads to an increase in electricity consumption and utility bills. 

Annual AC service will not let any component of AC degrade. The AC services keep your air conditioner unit in the best condition. Thus, it reduces electricity consumption and saves energy.

  • It Improves Air Quality

Even if you clean your AC regularly, some sticky and stubborn components are hard to clean, and some remain unnoticed. These components later flow with the air and make the air quality poor. 

Being experienced and knowledgeable, the technician cleans your AC perfectly during AC service. Therefore, annual AC service improves air quality.

  • It Prevents Expensive Repairs

During annual AC services, any malfunctioning component of AC gets fixed before the minor repair changes into huge damage. The technician will find the minor faults during AC servicing and fix them accordingly. 

But if you avoid annual AC services, the cost of repair will keep increasing. Paying for annual AC service is less costly and much better than paying for expensive HVAC repair in Rancho Cucamonga if the problems have been exacerbated due to neglect.

  • It Stretches the Lifespan of AC

As the annual services enhance the condition of all the AC components, this extends the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. During annual AC services, all the components of AC get cleaned, the motor and blower fan get lubricated, wiring and performance of AC get inspected. 

Things to do Before you Schedule AC Service

  • Clean the AC Unit

The annual tune-up service will take less time if you keep your AC clean. Deep cleaning is a part of AC tune-up, but you should also clean your AC unit to prevent unexpected damage to AC components due to clogging. 

Air filter replacement is also a part of AC cleaning. Prefer replacing the air filter every month or at least once in 60 days.

  • Observe the AC Performance 

Before scheduling AC service, you must know your AC flaws. Evaluating the air conditioner cooling, temperature, humidity level, AC operation, etc., will help you discuss the overall condition of your AC with the technician during AC service.

The technician will suggest some necessary repairs during the air conditioner services and give you your AC condition data. When your AC is older than a decade and not functioning well, a technician will likely suggest AC replacement in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 


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