Water Heater Repair in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Water Heater Repair in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

You might shrug off your deteriorating water heater condition until one winter morning you get to experience an icy cold shower. Well, that could be excruciatingly torturing. Hence, we suggest you never avoid the signs that your water heater gives you when it senses damage.

So, below we will be listing some common signs of damage in a water heater. And if you observe even one of these signs, contact us immediately to save your water heater from a complete breakdown.

Sign 1: Inconsistent Temperature Intensity in the Water

If you ever observe that your water heater temperature keeps swinging around, pay heed to that problem. An instant rise and fall in the water temperature can be a wrong indication for your water heater.

This fluctuating temperature can result from excessive mineral deposits in the pipeline or accumulation of dirt and debris. Therefore, if you ever feel your water changing from warm to lukewarm, we suggest you seek professional assistance from our HVAC technicians.

Sign 2: Highly Discoloured Water

We understand that high pressures can subject to change in color and make water appear hazy for a while. However, if your water permanently sits with a hazy outline or a discolored shade, you can consider it as an unmistakable cry for help.

A hazy touch or rusty-colored water indicates a significant ground for sedimentation. Heavy sedimentation over your water heater system can pose health threats. Thus, to secure yourself from the rusty running water, contact us as soon as you behold this situation.

Sign 3: Strange Sounds From the Water Heater

With age, your water heater can become technically grumpy and create extremely irritable sounds. These sounds can range from mild buzzes to extreme cacophonies depending upon the age of your water heater.

Regular working might cause your water heater to create gentle mechanical sounds. But, loud thuds or thumping sounds are not typical and showcase mechanical issues. Your water heater can become noisy because:

  • It has worn out and needs replacement.
  • The pipes get heavily stuffed with mineral deposits.
  • Dust particles have encircled your water heater’s internal system.
  • Your water heater consists of a broken dip tube.
  • It also suggests internal leaking.

All of these reasons can harm your system and your health if not addressed promptly and correctly by a trained technician. Thus, we recommend you to contact us promptly if you ever hear your water heater howling like a hyena amid its working.

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