Forrest & April S.

Pete helped my father in law with a thermostat issue and came highly recommended because of how quick,friendly and professional he was. When Pete came out to my place in Glendora he was the third AC contractor I had out to check out why my system wasn’t working. He ran a couple tests to the others had not done but, unfortunately, it was the same result, my compressor in the condenser unit was toast and my system was so old that replacing just that was not practical. The reason I went with Pete for the HVAC replacement wasn’t just because of his great price and professionalism, but also because when I told him I was an electrician,he went over the test results he had gotten from my old unit knowing I would understand them. I loved that he didn’t “dumb it down” for me and act like I wouldn’t know what he was talking about. Pete is always who I will call first from now on. I highly recommend AC & Heat Services!

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