Preparing Your Home for the Upcoming Winter Season

Winter can bring with it challenging conditions and winter storms, increasing the possibility of property damage. Therefore, when it comes to your home, winter preparation is important to safeguard your house and family from potential winter weather damage. At AC & Heat Services we provide emergency heating replacement in Rancho Cucamonga among other services to get your house ready for the cold season.

How to Get Your Home Ready for the Winter

Here are a few suggestions that can help you prepare for the coming winter:

Clean the Drains

Every season requires drain cleaning, but the week before winter may be the most important. If there is a possibility of having a lot of snow in your location, your drains could be removed from your house if they bear too much weight.

Inspect the Roof

One can hire our contractor to evaluate their home’s roof if unable to access it themselves to check for the damage. Our contractor will be able to complete any minor repairs in a single day in addition to performing the inspection.

Seals Gaps Around Your Doors and Windows

Seal the windows and doors gaps to avoid heat loss and water damage. Precisely it’s only the exterior molding around the windows and doors that needs to be considered. Use external silicone caulk to reduce shrinking and expansion due to seasonal changes.

Purchase a Smart Thermostat

Investing in a smart thermostat sooner rather than later will contribute to a comfortable house and lower utility costs if you don’t have one. You can turn it on and off simply, thanks to the ability of a smart thermostat to be managed from your smartphone. Contact us for heating repair in Rancho Cucamonga to get assistance.

Connect With Us!

Preparing your house for winter may help you avoid damage altogether or at least minimize the harm that winter storms cause. AC & Heat Services will help you with HVAC repair in Rancho Cucamonga, and better prepare your home to survive the winter months.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with our experts for HVAC repair in Rancho Cucamonga.

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