Getting the Facts About Your Air Conditioning Replacement

We often find ourselves in the dilemma of whether to repair the unit or replace it altogether in cases of malfunction. This blog attempts to find answers to all these questions and confusion regarding AC replacement in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 

Since an air conditioner is a one-time investment every decade or so, the decision to replace it has to be a carefully researched one. We can’t buy ACs like other things. It takes a month of market research before you settle on buying any particular AC. Thus, air conditioner replacement is not only expensive but also tedious. You don’t want to get into it unless you are sure. 

Repairing seems a more viable option compared to it, but there are times when repairing costs you more in the long run. Moreover, some faulty ACs can have health hazards. Whether to replace or repair is difficult to ascertain. This is a long-term investment decision that has to be made after going through in-depth research.

Here we enlist some facts about air conditioner replacement which will help you decide whether to replace or repair your AC:

  • Outdated Unit

The lifespan of an AC is around 15 years, but lack of servicing and maintenance can cut it short to 10 years or even less! As the AC grows older, you may find it more difficult to repair or replace its mechanical parts as they might become obsolete. 

People also replace heat pumps more than ten years old with EnergyStar-approved units. Some ACs cause loud noises even after several repairs. This might be due to faulty components. Calling a technician frequently may prove to be more expensive in the long run. Hence, you should consider calling an AC repair in Rancho Cucamonga, to get a new unit installed. 

  • High-Energy Bills

Increasing electricity bills make an AC replacement seem a more viable option for many. Buying a more energy-efficient AC can prove to be a more cost-effective decision in the future. If you have recently moved in, you would want to buy a new AC with modern features. Old ACs cause more energy consumption leading to a surge in electricity bills. A malfunctioning AC could also be a cause for the high bills. Search for an AC  replacement in Rancho Cucamonga CA,  in these cases. 

  • Malfunctioning Unit

Leaking ducts can cause improper cooling, which makes some rooms too hot or too cold. A degrading duct system can make a house more dusty than usual. A new, modern air conditioner can also resolve humidity issues. 

An advanced thermostat allows you to program the system to maintain the perfect temperature when no one’s home is another attraction for replacing ACs. Look up AC service in Rancho Cucamonga, CA to get your AC replaced. 

At AC & Heat Services, we have an experienced team to guide you through this two-step process of deciding on an AC and installing it. We will help you find the ideal AC for your needs and install it in no time. We also provide AC repair and maintenance services to ensure the maximum durability of your AC units. Call (909) 487-2734 today.

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