Air Conditioner Replacement: Bigger is Seldom Better

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the current central air conditioning system, you can assume that you need a bigger AC unit. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common mistakes consumers make when trying to improve the performance of air conditioners. 

The fact is, bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to Air conditioners. Instead, you need an AC unit that fits the size of your home.

What Happens If an Air Conditioner is Too Large?

  • Short Lifespan: Larger air conditioning systems can cool your home faster, so they will be cycled on and off more frequently, leading to air distribution problems. Don’t let broken AC in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, impact your family’s comfort. Instead, hire the best professionals for AC replacement in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
  • Excess Humidity: In addition to generating cold air, the air conditioner can also be used as a dehumidifier if it runs for long enough. When your air conditioning system is too large for your home, it will cool down too quickly, and the system will shut down before it can remove the excess humidity from the air. 
  • Higher Utility Bills: A bigger AC unit consumes more power than a smaller one. The condition becomes worse when your oversized air conditioner never reaches the energy efficiency promised. When it rises to the most effective value, the thermostat will notify it to shut off again. So in terms of power consumption, it is best to use smaller units regularly.
  • More Breakdowns: The more frequently the oversize air conditioning system is turned on and off, the more its components wear out. Blower motors, fans, and other parts are more likely to wear out prematurely, and you will have to resolve the cost and inconvenience of air conditioning maintenance more frequently than with a right size system.

How To Find The Right Size AC System?

If you need AC service in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, search for an HVAC contractor who cares about the characteristics of your home before recommending and installing air conditioners.

An experienced HVAC contractor will send a comfort advisor to the home to conduct an engineering survey. The advisor will analyze the HVAC system in your home and recommend suitable equipment before installing the AC unit.

It also assists in performing the manual J calculation, which is the only approved method in the HVAC industry. The manual J calculation tells what size of air conditioner your home needs. The Manual J Calculation takes into consideration the following attributes:

  • The direction of your home relative to the sun
  • Type and size of doors and windows
  • Insulation levels in attics, walls, and crawlspace

These factors have a significant impact on the amount of air conditioning needed to keep the home cool.

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